L&L Property Management: Bringing Investment Success To Our Clients

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L&L Property Management is a residential property management, real estate brokerage and leasing company operating in the Sausalito, California area. We serve clients in the Bay area by providing a dedicated staff and years of experience in the real estate industry. We assist residential homeowners by turning their single-family homes into investment properties, help investors purchase or sell real estate properties, and provide tenants with a great rental experience.

We adopt several core values of honesty, integrity, team work, respect, sound decision making, acknowledgement & appreciation, and continuous growth & improvement to provide our clients with the highest levels of service so that they can maximize the value of their investment properties. By helping our clients reach their real estate goals, we ensure they can attain the highest levels of success in all of their endeavors.

Reach out to L&L Property Management today for reliable property management, leasing and real estate brokerage services in the Bay Area.

Keys To Success: 

  • Maintain open communication with our clients to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and build a long lasting business relationship.
  • Preserve capital investment with conscientious attention to detail regarding budget, operation costs and tenant relations.
  • Employ experienced, professional, motivated people to put into practice our core values to serve our clients.
  • Maintain a high morale work environment with performance based incentives and opportunity for growth.